DCDev - Compile KOS for Windows

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This can be the biggest pain in the ass but I recently was able to figure out how to make it painless!

  1. Download Cygwin. I got the 32 bit version just to be safe.
  2. While installing Cygwin, make sure to install all of these packages:
  3. Run Cygwin in Admin mode and navigate to /usr/local/
  4. Once there run 'mkdir dc' and then 'cd dc'
  5. Clone the latest KOS 'git clone git://git.code.sf.net/p/cadcdev/kallistios kos'
  6. Get the KOS ports as well 'git clone git://git.code.sf.net/p/cadcdev/kos-ports'
  7. Once you have the ports downloaded, go into the folder by 'cd kos-ports' and then update all of the submodules 'git submodule update --init'
  8. Now it's time to start the big tool chain compile! Run 'cd ../kos/utils/dc-chain'
  9. Run './download.sh --no-deps' and after that run './unpack.sh --no-deps'
  10. Time to run 'make'. This is gonna take a while...
  11. Now 'cd ../..'
  12. Create the environ.sh file 'cp doc/environ.sh.sample ./environ.sh'
  13. Open up the environ.sh and change the KOS_BASE variable to point to the installation of KOS. That should be '/usr/local/dc/kos'
  14. Set the access permissions on the file 'chmod u+x environ.sh'
  15. Load all of the vars for dev 'source environ.sh'
  16. Run 'echo "source /usr/local/dc/kos/environ.sh" >> ~/.bashrc' to always have Cygwin auto source the kos environment
  17. Run 'make'
  18. Then after that build all of the ports 'cd ../kos-ports && make'
  19. Once that completes you're done! Check out the examples folder in the kos directory to see tons of great samples on how to start building stuff for the DC!
  20. Any questions just hit me up on twitter.